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Clearwater Falls

Clearwater Falls, Oregon

A Fabulous Destination…


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Central Oregon Wildfire Report - Image by Bill Dahl - ALL Rights Reserved

Central Oregon Wildfires – Update and Images

Wildfire season has descended upon Central Oregon with a vengeance.  The season started earlier than usual – and the occurrences/incidents remain challenging. Approximately 9,400 firefighters were battling the blazes that have burned an estimated 760 square miles in Oregon.

Central Oregon Wildfires - Photo by Bill Dahl - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Central Oregon Wildfires – Photo by Bill Dahl – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Oregon National Guard – Heli Base – Madras, Oregon



The Oregon National Guard has established a Heli fire suppression base at the Madras Airport – targeting the Logging Unit fires.  Staff Sergeant Jason Van Mourik (Salem - Oregon Military Department Public Affairs) and Lieutenant Frey (Pendleton) of the Oregon National Guard are part of the Madras based Oregon National Guard Unit deployed to add to the fire suppression resources .


The Oregon National Guard Unit currently deployed at the Heli Base  in Madras is comprised of 24 personnel who were called up from the Pendleton, OR and Salem, OR areas as part of the state of emergency declaration by Oregon’s Governor – to deliver additional wildland fire suppression resources to the State’s fire incidents.

Oregon National Guardsmen Frey and SSG Jason Van Mourik stated that their ONG unit currently operates two HH60 Blackhawk helicopters and two CH47 Chinook helicopters out of their Heli Base in Madras, Oregon. The Blackhawks deliver a 450 gallon bucket of fire suppression capabilty while the Chinooks have a capacity of 15,000 gallons each. The helicopters were “dipping” (gathering water”) in Timothy Lake and Blue Lake this past weekend. The bulk of this fire suppression effort is located on lands of The Confederated Tribe of Warm Springs.

Air Quality:  

Air Quality Index
Air Quality Index

Residents and visitors to Central Oregon/areas in Oregon affected by wildfire smoke should check the Air Quality index for these areas. These readings change daily.

Smoke from Wildfires - Image by Bill Dahl - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Smoke from Wildfires – Image by Bill Dahl – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Red Flag Warning
Red Flag Warning

A Red Flag Warning has been issued for Central Oregon for Tuesday July 22nd beginning at 11AM and remain in effect until Wednesday at 5:00PM. Red Flag Warning also known as a Fire Weather Warning is a forecast warning issued by the United States National Weather Service to inform area firefighting and land management agencies that conditions are ideal for wildland fire ignition, and rapid propagation. Translation: Thunderstorm activity is forecast for the already affected areas.

Fire Status Updates: The Northwest Interagency Coordination Center is, in my opinion, the best resource to get accurate and timely updates in specific, existing fires. Check out the links in the far right-hand column for specific geographical areas and specific updates on incidents under current fire suppression management. of course, pay attention to local news channels and the National Weather Service information for specific areas and forecasts. See also Central Oregon Fire Information.

The Prineville Airport also has a Heli Base set up to handle fires in the Ochoco National Forest. These are private contractors operating numerous types of helicopters with fire suppression capability in this area.

Erickson S64 Air Crane
Erickson S64 Air Crane – Photo by Bill Dahl – ALL Rights Reserved


Stay informed and exercise prudent travel judgment. Prepare. Remember the importance of reviewing The Ten Essential Systems – particularly if hiking outdoors.

More of my images regarding wildfires in Central Oregon can be found (CLICK on any of the LINKS) below:

Bill Dahl - Photography
Bill Dahl – Photography

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Pray for those engaged in wildfire suppression/prevention efforts!!!


The Big Hit by James Neal Harvey

The Big Hit by James Neal Harvey

This is my first James Neal Harvey novel…I’ll be back for more.
Ingenious plot, infectious suspense, dynamite drama – a magnificent novelist.
The Big Hit
The Big Hit
James Neal Harvey is a skilled craftsman – writing for the reader. His plot development, earthy dialog and believable characters lure the reader into the diabolical story lines that create a web of intrigue – capturing the reader while immersing one into the accretive  intensity of this thriller.
James Neal Harvey
James Neal Harvey
You’ll LOVE IT! I’m Hooked!


Buy it and enjoy the raucous ride with James Neal Harvey!
Bridge 99 Fire

Metolius River Recreation Area

Wildfires are burning throughout our region. The Governor of Oregon has declared a state of emergency. On a recent camping and fishing trip to the area earlier this week (cut short due to smoke and fire) I captured these images.

You can view the entire photography album here or here. For the best viewing - please use an iPad,  PC or a tablet. These images are very high quality and are not intended to be viewed on a mobile phone. When you get into an album – click on the first image and click “SLIDESHOW” for the best viewing.


Have the desire to discuss your photography or art requirements, contact me at dahlbill(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll be happy to discuss and explore your desires.

2014 Metolius River Recreation Area

Stay out of these areas and let the professionals do their work. There is a red flag warning in effect until Friday July 17th 2014 at 11PM for this area. The fires will likely continue to burn for some time – with scattered thunderstorms forecast for Monday and Wednesday next week. Exercise CAUTION and UNCOMMON sense.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Henrys Fork

Fly-Fishing Guide to the Henry’s Fork: Hatches, Flies, Seasons & Guide Advice for 80 Miles of World-Class Water



A superb resource in preparation for planning a trip to the Henry’s Fork. Superb photos, writing and subject coverage for the serious fly-fisherman. I will be buried in this book and use it as my guide for a trip to this area later this summer….and future trips for years to come!

An indispensable resource. Let this be your guideFOREVER!!! This book is made to be a companion – DON’t leave it at home!!! Thanks Mike Lawson!!!

By Any Means

By Any Means – by Chris Culver

Really…REALLY enjoyed this novel!

I’m now a fan of Chris Culver’s work – and his Detective Ash Rashid series. Twists, turns, ups, downs, upside down, human, realism, counter-intuitive thriller. This might have been my most favorite yet! I CANNOT WAIT for the next novel in this series.

GREAT plot, superb dialog, stellar literary talent – and a page turning/page burning drama. Expect the unexpected with Chris Culver. Could NOT put this one down. Some novels beckon to readers – even when you’re away from reading. BY ANY MEANS had this impact on me. LOVED IT!!!


Enjoy By Any Means! I most certainly did. Trust me – you will too!

The BEST yet – From Chris Culver…BUY IT!!!!