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Mt. Bachelor and the Milky Way

Every summer Reggie and I take the chairlift to mid-mountain at Mt. Bachelor in the Central Oregon Cascade Mountain Range (7,755 ft. elevation). We try to monitor the weather before we go in hopes for enjoying a splendid sunset.

This trip, we went with fellow Bend Oregon photographer Jeff Bryant (Jeff is an incredibly talented pro behind the lens) and his son Joey. After the sun set, we did a night hike (headlamps) into Todd Lake to photograph the Milky Way over the mountain.

The following is an album of those shots. For the best viewing, CLICK on the following link ( )or the photo below and click SLIDESHOW.


07-2016 - Mt. Bachelor Sunsets and Milky Way Over The Mountain

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Two Weeks in Oregon

The following are photos from the Upper Rogue River to Redding, CA then over to Klamath, CA and five days in Brookings, OR.

Brookings, Oregon
Brookings, Oregon

Click on this LINK for the FLICKR photo album:

Summer 2016

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Speaking the Unspoken – Racism in the U.S.

As we embrace the graduation season, it’s important to listen to our high school students – particularly when they Speak The Unspoken.

Contemplate their voices in this video from 2007 – that illustrates the challenges we must continue to address in 2016.

Please share with your graduates, your family members, friends and those who share a deep concern regarding the heart of the U.S. – and how we might proceed to improve our communities, our countries, our world, our hearts and our future.


Baby Boomers – A Look Back

I’m considered a Baby Boomer – supposedly the largest generation born in the USA post WWII between  1946 and 1964. According to some demographic experts, Millennials (ages 18-34) will surpass the number of Boomers in the U.S. in the near term, followed by the Gen X’ers (ages 35-50) in 2028.


Boomers - A Look Back
Boomers – A Look Back


Although generations are considered “analytical constructs,” groupings of births in a specific country during a specific era for the purposes of study by social scientists, we often overlook the fact that the labels we use to create generation members, disguise the fact that they are composed of living, breathing human beings.


For Boomers, more has been written about my oftentimes maligned cohort than any other generation. I won’t recount that here. However, recently I have been pondering the privilege of being a Boomer – of having lived during this particular epoch in human civilization. Here’s some things that have come to mind that only Boomers can truly appreciate – as we have lived it – together:


Boomers - A Look Back
Boomers – A Look Back


  1. Remember the “party line” on your parents’ home telephone service?
  2. C:/
  3. Black and white television – with three channels and  tin foil wrapped “rabbit ears”  or a rooftop antenna.
  4. VHS v. Beta
  5. Smoking was allowed on airline flights.
  6. Practicing “atomic bomb/civil defense drills” as a student in school – covering your head beneath your desk with your teacher and fellow students.
  7. Gasoline was 23 cents a gallon.
  8. A movie was 30 cents.
  9. A lift ticket at a ski resort was three bucks.
  10. The milkman
  11. There was no such thing as a microwave oven or a remote control.
  12. Carbon paper.
  13. The day your rotary dial phone was replaced with a push button phone.
  14. A carton of milk at school was two cents.
  15. Vinyl 45 RPM records with the big hole in the middle.
  16. Drive-in movies.
  17. The term “communist” was heard frequently.
  18. Automobiles had no seat belts.
  19. Garbage trucks had nothing to lift the garbage cans with – except garbage men.
  20. A dishwasher was a human – not a machine.
  21. The mailman walked to every home to deliver the mail.
  22. The term “software” referred to pajamas, sweat pants and sweatshirts.
  23. Police cars had red flashing lights.
  24. Nurses wore white outfits with white caps.
  25. An eye pad was something one wore over an injured eye.
  26. There were only about a dozen different kinds of beer.
  27. Hubcaps were standard on all automobiles.
  28. Tattoos were  seen only on men – typically those who had served in the U.S. Navy.
  29. Portable music was solely available on a transistor radio.
  30. Amazon was a rain forest in a far away place.


Be kind to Boomers. Perhaps you might use this article as a tool to stimulate interesting dialog with the Boomer’s in your life.