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Recently Read: By Bill Dahl

Okay…okay…I get emails every week asking me what I am reading. So here’s a list of what I have recently read (MOST are for research regarding a book I am currently writing…(Nope – won’t tell so don’t ask – it’s a two year project – look for it in LATE 2018):


  1. The House of Morgan – An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance – Honestly, a historical treasure. Winner of the National Book Award.

2. America’s Bank: The Epic Struggle to Create the Federal Reserve – by Roger Lowenstein – I adore anything Roger writes.

3. Origins of the CrashThe Great Bubble and Its Undoing – by Roger Lowenstein – An uncharacteristically harsh critique from the pen of Lowenstein. However, for its historical relevance for me, another treasure from Roger.

4. The Empire Express – Building the First Transcontinental Railroad – by  David Haward Bain – LOVE LOVE LOVE this author and writer. WOW! What a story by a splendid story teller. This book will absolutely captivate you via the author’s research and his uncanny ability to share the personalities of the principal players and their interactions.

5. Jay Cooke’s Gamble – The Northern Pacific Railroad, The Sioux and the Panic of 1873 – by M. John Lubetkin – A Tremendous Story that will fill in details of American History that you had been completely unaware of. Superb writer and researcher.


6. The Panic of 1819 – Reactions and Policies by Murray N. Rothbard – A Political science and economic policy classic. I truly enjoyed it.

7. New ERA – Reflections on The Human and Natural History of Central Oregon by Jarold Ramsey – A priceless contribution to the cultural landscape of Central Oregon. ADORED IT!!!

8. East of the Cascades – Philip Brogan – A historical and sociological (geological) classic as it relates to Central Oregon.

More to come in my next post…some of my reading is currently 6-700 page volumes with microscopic print so it takes more time to complete them.



Redmond Panthers Football

These images were captured Friday evening 9/2/2016 in Redmond, OR USA. The Redmond Panthers played Jefferson from Portland, OR. This was a smash mouth football game!

Redmond Panthers Football
Redmond Panthers Football

Bill Dahl is a photographer residing in central Oregon. His photographs have over 2 Million Views on FLICKR and over 3 Million +1’s on Google. Photography Awards are too numerous to mention here – but see the Photography Awards tab at the top of the main page of this site to see a number of them.


Redmond Panthers Football
Redmond Panthers Football

I shoot with  Canon Professional Gear – a Canon EOS 7D with a Canon f 2.8 70-200MM telephoto lens and a Canon 2X extender. (shooting over 600 MM – ISO under the lights was 5000 – f5.6 due to 2X telephoto extender…high speed continuous shooting – tripod)…Prints and enlargements are available by contacting me…

I have created two albums from this game vs. Jefferson.

CLICK on one of the two the LINK(s) below – thenclick SLIDESHOW (FLICKR Photo Album) or click on the first image you see (Google Photo Album) then click the arrows to move to the next image. These images are VERY high quality and are NOT intended to be viewed on a mobile phone – use a computer monitor, your HDTV, Mac, iPad, notebook or a PC.

  1. Redmond Panthers vs. Jefferson Democrats 9/2/16 – FLICKR PHOTO ALBUM
  2. Redmond Panthers vs. Jefferson Democrats 9/2/16 – Google PHOTO ALBUM

For future games – if parents, friends or family want specific PLAYER PROFILE action photos during any future game – I can do that too. GREAT GIFTS!!! CONTACT ME – – – Enlargements and prints are available.

Redmond Panthers Football
Redmond Panthers Football

This was a FANTASTIC football game!!!


River Ranger – Redmond, Oregon – FOR SALE

My River Ranger is FOR SALE – SALE PRICE $7,000.00

Well, lots of people have asked, so here’s some detailed information on the River Ranger:

This is a DUAL USE Unit – For Work N Play – Perfect for landscapers, painters, carpenters, plumbers, window installers, surveyors,  handyman, debris haulers, movers, kayakers, paddle boards, fishing, hunters, camping, surfers, atv’s, snowmobiles, motorcycles etc.

My Black Lab Reggie and I love to fish, camp, hike and photograph the great outdoors. I also work. I needed a multi-use trailer I could use for my landscape business – as well as for trout fishing, camping, drifting rivers – and outdoor photography excursions (BEAR-PROOF – meaning – Grizzly Bears) and floating rivers with a pontoon boat, river raft or kayaks. Thus, the idea for River Ranger was born. I designed the trailer and used subcontractors for the sheet metal work.


This rig is set up for accessing rivers and remote areas…and camping in a bear proof/weather proof unit. It is a one or two person unit. It is NOT designed for people who desire a traditional RV – carting all the creature comforts of your home into the outdoors. Frankly, for me, leaving those creature comforts behind is one important dimension of the beauty of getting away. Perhaps you feel the same way…and desire a multi-functional unit that you can tow easily and safely with an SUV – and avoid the price of those damn traditional RV’s — see the itemized features of the River Ranger below the photo section:

Click on any image below to enlarge:


Here are the itemized features of the River Ranger trailer – designed for to be pulled by an SUV and/or crossover – unless you already have a truck:

This is a DUAL USE Unit – For Work N Play – Perfect for landscapers, painters, carpenters, plumbers, window installers, surveyors,  handyman, debris haulers, movers, kayakers, paddle boards, fishing, hunters, camping, surfers, atv’s, snowmobiles, motorcycles etc.

SALE PRICE $7,000.00

  1. Cost – approximately $10,000. Comparable RV products start at around $14,000.
  2. Interior Size is 5 x 10 – perfect to sleep two people and their pets.
  3. Interior height is 7 feet – you can stand up without whacking your head. Interior lighting options available – I just use a headlamp to keep it simple. Exterior height from pavement to the top of boat rack is 10 feet exactly.
  4. Insulated with R18 foam panel insulation – with walls and ceiling sealed in quarter inch, stained plywood.
  5. The interior has a bracket system for all your outdoor gear, bedding, fishing rods, tools, ice chests and foodstuffs. I like to pull over at a nice piece of water and have six rods rigged up in the trailer, mounted on the walls – so I can just grab one and get the damn fly in the water.
  6. Rear door ramp can be closed from the trailer’s interior via a pulley system.
  7. Upper rear door can be locked from both the inside and outside.
  8. Rear door access ramp has slip resistant coating.
  9. We camp, hike, fish and enjoy photography in the Tetons and the Rockies – oftentimes – in areas populated by Grizzly Bears – where soft-sided camping is NOT ALLOWED. Thus, the 11 gauge sheet metal. The River Ranger trailer is Grizzly Bear Proof and is a unit that complies where soft-sided camping is NOT allowed due primarily to bear activity. See soft-sided camping prohibitions in Yellowstone, Banff, etc. Soft-sided refers to all tents and any vans, campers or trailers that have soft-sided pop-outs. Don’t think this prohibition is limited to National Parks. It’s common sense if you’re in bear country and desire a safe and serene sleep.
  10. The roof has pvc rollers over the metal piping that allows for carrying 4 kayaks, one inflated 14 ft. river raft like the Outcast PAC 1400, or a 14 ft. inflatable pontoon boat – Like the Outcast Pac 1200. Easy loading and off loading – just bring along a 4 step step ladder.
  11. The trailer is equipped with 8 ply radial tires and a spare tire.
  12. A 5,000 lb. axle provides high clearance for Forest Service roads and the heavy duty suspension that navigating to remote wilderness locations requires – as well as superior load handling.
  13. The trailer is equipped with trailer brakes.
  14. Trailer is equipped with LED safety lighting/running lights on the front and two sides.
  15. The floor is covered with three quarter inch plywood, above the base floor of two by sixes.
  16. The rooftop carrier can also carry ladders and supplies. For photographers and those who enjoy wildlife viewing – the rooftop of the trailer can be accessed via ladder to enjoy a superb, elevated viewing/photography platform.
  17. Safety striping and reflective tape/emblems adorn the unit.
  18. The trailer is secure.
  19. The trailer is waterproof.
  20. Ventilation options and propane equipped options are available.
  21. Trailer is weather proof.
  22. Trailer is rust-proof.
  23. Rear LED light bars are installed on the rear facing roof for superior safety visibility – connected to brakes and blinkers.

Let me know if you’re interested in Buying my  River Ranger. It will exceed your expectations.

You can reach me at dahlbill (at) gmail (dot) com.

Heck, if you see us on the road and googled “River Ranger” and got here – text us. Reggie and I are a couple of friendly fellas…likely headed to the another river to enjoy!

River Ranger Trailer photos to come…stay tuned…

Cave Falls
Cave Falls




Thanks for stopping by…just a couple of fellas from Redmond, Oregon headed to our next destination in the great outdoors.

Stop by and say Hi!

The River Ranger…think about it…designed and manufactured in Redmond, Oregon. If you see the River Ranger and we’re not there – we’re out on the water…we’ll be back in a while.

Central Oregon Autumn
Central Oregon Autumn


Baby Boomers – A Look Back

I’m considered a Baby Boomer – supposedly the largest generation born in the USA post WWII between  1946 and 1964. According to some demographic experts, Millennials (ages 18-34) will surpass the number of Boomers in the U.S. in the near term, followed by the Gen X’ers (ages 35-50) in 2028.


Boomers - A Look Back
Boomers – A Look Back


Although generations are considered “analytical constructs,” groupings of births in a specific country during a specific era for the purposes of study by social scientists, we often overlook the fact that the labels we use to create generation members, disguise the fact that they are composed of living, breathing human beings.


For Boomers, more has been written about my oftentimes maligned cohort than any other generation. I won’t recount that here. However, recently I have been pondering the privilege of being a Boomer – of having lived during this particular epoch in human civilization. Here’s some things that have come to mind that only Boomers can truly appreciate – as we have lived it – together:


Boomers - A Look Back
Boomers – A Look Back


  1. Remember the “party line” on your parents’ home telephone service?
  2. C:/
  3. Black and white television – with three channels and  tin foil wrapped “rabbit ears”  or a rooftop antenna.
  4. VHS v. Beta
  5. Smoking was allowed on airline flights.
  6. Practicing “atomic bomb/civil defense drills” as a student in school – covering your head beneath your desk with your teacher and fellow students.
  7. Gasoline was 23 cents a gallon.
  8. A movie was 30 cents.
  9. A lift ticket at a ski resort was three bucks.
  10. The milkman
  11. There was no such thing as a microwave oven or a remote control.
  12. Carbon paper.
  13. The day your rotary dial phone was replaced with a push button phone.
  14. A carton of milk at school was two cents.
  15. Vinyl 45 RPM records with the big hole in the middle.
  16. Drive-in movies.
  17. The term “communist” was heard frequently.
  18. Automobiles had no seat belts.
  19. Garbage trucks had nothing to lift the garbage cans with – except garbage men.
  20. A dishwasher was a human – not a machine.
  21. The mailman walked to every home to deliver the mail.
  22. The term “software” referred to pajamas, sweat pants and sweatshirts.
  23. Police cars had red flashing lights.
  24. Nurses wore white outfits with white caps.
  25. An eye pad was something one wore over an injured eye.
  26. There were only about a dozen different kinds of beer.
  27. Hubcaps were standard on all automobiles.
  28. Tattoos were  seen only on men – typically those who had served in the U.S. Navy.
  29. Portable music was solely available on a transistor radio.
  30. Amazon was a rain forest in a far away place.


Be kind to Boomers. Perhaps you might use this article as a tool to stimulate interesting dialog with the Boomer’s in your life.