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Winter Photography

A rather unique winter in Central Oregon with some very cold, snowy weather that has endured for a few months. I hope you enjoy the images I captured below.


I have created two photo albums for these images:

CLICK on one of the two the LINK(s) below – then – click SLIDESHOW (FLICKR Photo Album – upper right corner) or click on the first image you see (Google Photo Album) then click the arrows to move to the next image. These images are VERY high quality and are NOT intended to be viewed on a mobile phone – use a computer monitor, your HDTV, Mac, iPad, notebook, or a laptop.

  1. Winter 2017  – FLICKR PHOTO ALBUM 
  2. Winter 2017  – Google PHOTO ALBUM

Bill Dahl is a commercial photographer residing in central Oregon. His photographs have over 2 Million Views on FLICKR and over 3 Million +1’s on Google. Photography Awards are too numerous to mention here – but see the Photography Awards tab at the top of the main page of this site to see a number of them.



Waterfalls along the North Umpqua River

These are photo albums of the images I captured during visits to this fabulous area during July and August 2016.

Included in this imagery is:

Susan Creek Falls, Clearwater Falls, Watson Falls, and Whitehorse Falls. All are located in the Umpqua National Forest – along Oregon’s Highway 138 between Diamond Lake and Roseburg, Oregon.

This stretch is also designated as an Oregon Scenic Byway aka  part of the Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway.

CLICK on one of the two the LINK(s) below – thenclick SLIDESHOW (FLICKR Photo Album) or click on the first image you see (Google Photo Album) then click the arrows to move to the next image.

  1. The Waterfalls of the North Umpqua River – FLICKR Photo Album by Bill Dahl
  2. The Waterfalls of the North Umpqua River – Google Photo Album by Bill Dahl

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The Steamboat Inn

Nestled on the north shore of the North Umpqua River is one of the gems of the Pacific Northwest – the Steamboat Inn. If you blink, you might miss it as the presence on Highway 138 is surrounded by gorgeous plant life.

Steamboat Inn - North Umpqua River
Steamboat Inn – North Umpqua River

Steamboat Inn is noted for – among many things – it’s superb location on the edge of one of the most scenic rivers in the U.S. – The North Umpqua River.  It is the headquarters for fly fisherpersons who come to embrace the challenge of the trout, steelhead and salmon fishing the North Umpqua uniquely offers.

The Umpqua National Forest surrounds Steamboat Inn. You can hike the North Umpqua Trail, visit Susan Creek Falls, and watch Salmon and Steelhead surmount the falls at the Swiftwater Park area a few miles away.

The accommodations,  fine dining, wines, chef, innkeepers and staff are first class. The fly shop and guide services are 5 Star.

Yet, I am always mesmerized by the gardens at the Steamboat Inn. On recent trips in July and August 2016, I captured the images I am SHARING LINKS TO BELOW of the phenomenal flora that inhabits this paradise.

Steamboat Inn Flora - North Umpqua River
Steamboat Inn Flora – North Umpqua River

CLICK on the LINK(s) below – then – click SLIDESHOW.

Steamboat Inn Flora


Steamboat Inn Flora 2

The Steamboat Inn on the North Umpqua River in Idleyld Park, Oregon – DON’T MISS IT!!!

The Steamboat Inn operates under a special use permit from the Umpqua National Forest.


Fall in Love with Life Again – Experience Oregon’s Steamboat Inn:

42705 North Umpqua Hwy, Idleyld Park, Oregon 97447
Toll Free: 800.840.8825      Phone: 541.498.2230

Two Weeks in Oregon

The following are photos from the Upper Rogue River to Redding, CA then over to Klamath, CA and five days in Brookings, OR.

Brookings, Oregon
Brookings, Oregon

Click on this LINKhttps://flic.kr/s/aHskDpzfYn for the FLICKR photo album:

Summer 2016

Or click this LINK for the Google + photo Album