A Celebration of Life Together

Friends gather to celebrate life, one another and the history and love that bonds us together. This – was one of those occasions.

Artistry was provided by Nicki DeNecochea. A lovely evening together.

These images are VERY HIGH Quality  and are NOT intended to be viewed on a mobile phone. PLEASE use a PC, HDTV, iPad or Tablet to enjoy these images.

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Artistry by Nicki DeNecochea
Artistry by Nicki DeNecochea


ENJOY!!! We certainly did.




Paulina Falls – Photography by Bill Dahl

Paulina Falls, Oregon – a wonderful destination. CLICK to ENLARGE any image below. These images are VERY high quality images and are NOT intended to be viewed on a mobile phone. Use a PC, HDTV, iPad or tablet to enjoy these images.

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Paulina Falls




Racism in High School – A Film – Students Speaking The Unspoken

Speaking the Unspoken







On the final day of the school year in 2007, our local high school nearly had an outbreak of race-based violence. Our son witnessed this. He was very disturbed it. — so was I.

During the summer, I contacted our local school district officials – the outcome of which is this film….the frank testimonies of our students – for students in other high schools – who may face a similar reality.

You can watch the film here on YouTube:

It’s purpose is to be educational, contain uncensored, gritty student expression, cause dialog about race, ethnicity, prejudice, sexual orientation, attitudes and racism — and provide a tool – map — to a bridge — a creative pathway – high school students may use to explore these critical issues in their own lives – in their own school – their own community.

In every sense, this film is intended to be constructive and instructive. It’s when we cower from confronting the tough issues together – that learning becomes diminished.

Please use this tool constructively – and admire the courage of high school students “Speaking the Unspoken” among themselves – for the benefit of all concerned.

Your feedback is appreciated.