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Bill Dahl
Bill Dahl

Bill and Jacki Dahl make their home in Oregon. They have 4 children and three grandchildren. They have an adopted Greyhound – Rosie, as well as one Black Lab, Reggie – who accompanies Bill everywhere (BOTH would be terribly disappointed if they weren’t mentioned here).





Bill & Jax

Bill is an award-winning photographer, avid outdoorsman, writer/reader,  published author, freelance writer, and reviewer of literature.

Bill Dahl – Literature Review Bio:

I read EVERY word on EVERY page of the books I review. I read around a hundred books a year. Most of my reviews are here at http://www.BillDahl.net and on Amazon. Bill has a policy of not publishing reviews of books he reads that he doesn’t particularly care for – and is uncomfortable recommending to others ( “Literature is like ice cream….there’s a whole bunch of flavors and I have my own tastes that differ from others…some people adore chocolate while others prefer pecan nut”).

Bill reviews pre-publication manuscripts, and early release books for a variety of publishers and authors in the U.S. and abroad. He works with publicity departments of major publishers, literary PR firms and at the request of certain authors. He performs this service gratis, without any compensation whatsoever (he knows….he’s really stupid — and kind).

Notable authors whose work Bill has reviewed include Timothy Egan, Michael Lewis, Karl Marlantes, William P. (Paul) Young, Samantha Power, David Brooks, Stanley Karnow, Daniel Kahneman, Jeffrey Sachs, Parker Palmer, George Akerlof and Robert Shiller, Andrew W. Lo, Jessica M. Lepler, Stephen L. Carter, Andrew Ross-Sorkin, Nick Jans, Barbara Tuchman, Marisa Lankester, Thomas Peele, James Simon, Bart D. Ehrman, Peter Stark, John Wasik, David Grann, Jesse Eisinger, Mark Bowden, Roger Lowenstein, Gretchen Morgenson, Taylor Branch, Brian McLaren, Irshad Manji, Eboo Patel, Christopher Knowlton, Daniel Pink – and a myriad of others.

His current literary interests (2017/2018) include the non-fiction genres of  U.S. History, economic crises, perception and cognition, and cultural transmission. If you have an early release/pre-release book you would like reviewed, Please email me at dahl no space bill at gmail dot com Thank You.

Hall of Fame Photography Award June 2012

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Bill, I read your excellent, insightful review of Chasing the Flame on Amazon, and had a book I thought you might be interested in and I’d like to send it to you for a possible review. Thanks, Chris

  2. Dear Bill,

    I hope you are well.

    I’m a big fan of your comprehensive and unbiased book reviews on Amazon, which have helped me identify what should – and should not – be on my own reading list.

    Given the content you’ve previously been drawn to, I would like to send you a complimentary copy of Competing With Giants: How One Family-Owned Company Took on the Multinationals and Won (ForbesBooks, September 2018) by Phương Uyên Trần, the deputy CEO of Vietnam’s largest beverage company. Based out of Ho Chi Minh, Phương is a role model millennial business woman who, alongside her father, turned down a proposed $2.5 billion buyout from Coca-Cola in 2012.

    Phương tells this and other insightful stories about her family’s revolutionary approach to business in her new book. Her first-hand account of navigating a hyper-competitive global business arena makes for an empowering story, one that speaks to the courage of family-owned businesses, the rise of female leaders in Asia, and the capabilities of small companies in a globalizing world.

    Competing With Giants succeeds in its unique ability to cohesively explain business strategy and the nuances of Southeast Asian markets, while engrossing readers in an emotionally-riveting personal narrative. In this sense, it’s the full package.

    I would love to hear your thoughts about Phương’s first book. Please let me know the best address to send a copy of this book to.

    Best regards,
    Lily Smith

    About Phương Uyên Trần:
    Phương Uyên Trần serves as Deputy CEO of Tan Hiep Phat (THP) group, Vietnam’s leading beverage company. She is responsible for THP’s procurement, domestic and international marketing, public relations, and corporate social responsibility programs. Phương is an executive of the Beverage Association of Vietnam and also sits on the executive committee of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Vietnam chapter.

    When she was asked by Harvard Business Review to write a case study about how her family owned business walked away from a $2.5 Billion offer from Coca-Cola, Phương decided to instead write a book that would teach people exactly how to do it in their own business.
    To learn more visit: competingwithgiants.net

  3. Lily – send me a copy at 1596 NW Hemlock Avenue Redmond, OR 97756 —sorry about the tardy reply – I have been out of the country for several weeks with little internet access…Upon receipt, it will take me 30 days to post a review. If I do not care for the work, I will not write a negative review – just my standard policy. Best, Bill Dahl

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