Autumn in Grand Teton National Park

This is a photograph of Grand Teton reflecting in the Snake River in late September 2015…It was a magical moment…one where you simply decide to sit and ponder the magnificence before you.

You can click the image above to enlarge it. It is my unequivocal favorite image of autumn. Moran Junction, Wyoming – just east of Oxbow Bend. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED…Copyrighted.




2 thoughts on “Autumn in Grand Teton National Park”

  1. Hi Bill,

    This is an amasing photo. It came up on google while i was searching for nive autumn wallpapers. Unfortunately the link to a larger version doesnt work. Could you perhaps send it directly to me?

  2. Mikael:

    Thank you. I cannot send as it is a Copyrighted image – under Licensing. (My copyright and licensing via Getty or myself).

    Best regards,

    Bill Dahl

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