Best Books So Far in 2012

OK…we’re almost halfway through 2012. I thought I might give you a list of my favorites so far this year…Remember…there are GREAT releases coming up this Fall…Brian Mclaren‘s “Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?” —

Peace Love Books

Here’s some I have truly enjoyed that are in contention for my annual Top Ten Books of 2012 (this year will be published 12-1-2012):

1. Diana Butler-Bass just kicks @$$ – PERIOD.

2. Jonah Lehrer – OMG!!! What a GREAT mind — and writer… Read all 3 of his books.

3. TWO legitimate Pulitzer Contenders for 2013 in non-fiction – Thomas Peele and Deborah Scroggins

4. Tim Weiner – The History of the FBI. Just finishing Tim’s “Legacy 0f Ashes – The History of the CIA — if you haven’t read it…it’s a MUST READ…

My Summer 2012 Recommended Reading List for you is here…

Peace Love Books



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