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My photography is on-line for your enjoyment. It can be viewed by clicking on the icons below (or search the web “Bill Dahl Photography” or “Photo by Bill Dahl” or “Photography by Bill Dahl”).

There are too many awards to itemize here. My images have been featured by national, regional and local media outlets in the U.S. I have won international awards.












Professional Gear:

I shoot with a Canon 7D. I rely on my Canon 24-105MM F4L IS USM lens and fantastic Canon 70-200MM F2.8L IS USM lens. I can use a Canon 2X doubler to shoot at a focal distance of 566MM (that’s a LONG way off). I use a Manfrotto graphite tripod and use a myriad of filters depending on the lighting conditions.


EOS 7D image








Post Production:

Post-production for products is accomplished through various professional photography labs and production facilities throughout the U.S. Find an image that would be a superb piece for your place, a gift for a special person, a piece for your office, a gift for a client, personalized sentiment cards etc…contact me and we can navigate the myriad of options available to suit your specific needs — and exceed your expectations. Currently, for enlargements, there are too many framing options to name. I enjoy the impression that my images create on the infused aluminum process.

Where Can I View The Photographic Images by Bill Dahl:

Here are some locations where you can find images, sets of images (by subject or specific photo shoot or geographic location). It’s best to view images in SLIDESHOW mode on a mac, pc or tablet. These image files are so large – they’re really not designed to be viewed on your phone.

Click on one of the icons below to go to one of my sites to view my images:







PicasaLogo (1)






My images populate Google+ and Facebook as well:






















I am also working on my YouTube site:





Have the desire to discuss your photography or art requirements, contact me at dahlbill(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll be happy to discuss and explore your requirements.

I also GUIDE photography tours in the Western U.S. – customized to each client’s desires.

Pets – Portaits – People – Places – Parties – Precious Moments – Children – Indoor – Outdoors – Grandparents – Industrial – Commercial – Real Estate – Geography – Graduation – Birthdays – Objects – Valuables – Security – Personal Property – Insurance Verification – Weather – Beauty – Memories – Vacations – Waterfalls – Lakes – Rivers – Sunrise – Sunset – Oceans – Moments – Beaches – Mountains – Hikes – National Parks – Voyages – Cruises – Journeys – you name it.

I travel abroad with clients.


Let’s talk!


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