Creativity Revealed – Discovering The Source of Inspiration by Scott Jeffrey.

I have been reading widely about creativity recently (and more books on the way). Like any topic, there’s the good, the not-so-good, and well, the other stuff.

Creativity Revealed

Scott Jeffrey‘s work, Creativity Revealed – Discovering The Source of Inspiration clearly stands above the rest. The sheer magnitude of voices he invites into his discussion about this topic provide a flavor that is both unique and enduring. However, it’s not overwhelming. The appendices to the volume are robust and incredibly beneficial.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Scott Jeffrey:

“The sun is always shining, we need only remove the clouds.” P. 132

“For the light to enter, the mind must wander.” P. 131

“creativity is our natural state, not an anomaly that arises from time to time.” P. 131

“The true Student can be an expert in his field or a master at his craft; however, he still possesses the willingness to grow, a gratitude for his gifts, and a sense of profound humility for his own ignorance.” P. 104.

“Thoughts , as it turns out, are energy. Each thought has its own vibrational frequency. As human beings, living in the physical world, we tend to ignore the formless. If you can’t see it and can’t measure it, it’s not real, the material reductionist believes.” P. 84.

“Whether to create that which is heavenly or hellish is the constant human option.” P. ii.

This book serves as a reference guide to future exploration of the topic of creativity. Buy it. Devour it. Refer to it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!

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