Friend Of Questians?

My recent interview with Brian McLaren has been receiving a ton of traffic and a bundle of email correspondence. Yes, people are truly anticipating the release of Brian’s new book on February 9th 2010.

There have been too many to count emails from readers of the interview who want further clarification on the “Friend of Questians” symbol I asked Brian about in the interview – Question # 10.

Friend of Questians?

Yes, you can post this on your site, blog, phone etc. (with attribution somehow to Bill & Jacki Dahl – the symbol’s creators)…Just don’t try to make money with it in any way OK? That’s not what this authorization for use is for — OK? OK.

Below is an excerpt of the interview question where I raised the Questiansymbol” issue’s relevance to Brian — and Brian’s response. Beneath that is an excerpt of an exchange of correspondence about the symbol I provided to my buddy Ron Cole. If it resonates with you, please feel free to use it for the purpose identified above. Here we go:

Question # 10 for Brian McLaren. Symbols speak to us. Is this one pertinent to your book? McLaren: “It’s so relevant, Bill, because as you know, the book is based on a simple observation: Statements create debate that can lead us to a new state (and sometimes create, as a byproduct, hate), while questions create conversations that can lead us on a new quest. So this book is very much about the power of questions, and about seeing our faith less as a tradition we inherited from our ancestors, and more as a quest which both they and we are on … the quest for truth, the quest for beauty and goodness and love, the quest for God … the quest for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

From Bill Dahl: I see this symbol, Brian’s book, Brian’s remark above, what you have written and what I have penned as a framework for inviting people of the quest (Questians) to a place where we can celebrate this dimension of the reality of our lives together. It is an invitation, rather than an label. It is a celebration of “coming out” and a “coming together.” Rather than a characteristic, it is a way of living, serving, worshiping,  and embracing the other. It provides the courage and curiosity to move beyond man-made boundaries and provides the inertia for innovation. It is a symbol of permission. It is an expression of acceptance, adoration and gratitude for this precious privilege and responsibility that inhabits our daily breath.  It is a tangible symbol of realization of who we are and what we can become – together. It is a symbol of the freedom learning to become God’s living love — today.

Any Questians?

2 thoughts on “Friend Of Questians?”

  1. To Bill Dahl: I have just discovered your website and am impressed with your reviews of various books. I would like to offer another for your consideration but need direction on how to submit it

    I am the author of a book targeted to those who describe themselves as
    “spiritual but not religious”. I define spirituality as “an awareness of the Beyond that is in the midst of everything”, and religion as the “after the fact attempt to share the spiritual experience with another.” The book is grounded in both personal experience and wide ranging references to scientific, philosophical, theological, sociological and psychological sources.

    The title is “Growing Spiritually … without getting bogged in religion.” Despite the sub-title this is not a disparagement of religion, but rather a discussion of its proper place. The book received a highly positive review from Kirkus Discoveries.

    I am a retired Methodist campus minister (U. Minnesota), private therapist (Rolfing), and world traveler.

    I would appreciate a response to the above email address.

    Thank you
    Robert Ouradnik

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