Get Rid of This Dude

Get Rid of This Dude – A Poem by Bill Dahl

Trump Caricature – from Indivisible Redmond Oregon Facebook Site


“Locked and Loaded”
​the ​North Korean ​mess​.
​Spewing hubris
will tame unrest​?​

Healthcare for all!
A cruel joke.
Special interests triumph
mirrors and smoke.

Global warming
threatening all.
Trump proclaims:
“Build the wall”!

Out of touch.
Deliver nothing.
Promise much.

We’re the one’s
who wrote the song
Stop the madness
In Viet Nam!

We’re the one’s
who learned to sing
Supporting the mission
of Dr. King.

When corruption
required a fixin’​ -​
Our chorus led
To dismantling Nixon

We’re the one’s
who led the fights
finally realizing
women’s rights.

We’re connected
We care so much.
Resilient, united.
We remain in touch.

We’re the one’s
Elected reps must hear.
Not a right wing agenda
spouting fear.

Reality television
brought him fame.
His every tweet
Rains down shame.

Self righteous, pompous
egotistical and rude.
Time to banish
This disgusting dude.




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