In Memoriam – Reggie Dahl – 9-2-2007 to 4-19-2019

For Reggie

I lost THE BEST FRIEND I have EVER HAD in this life TODAY….REGGIE DAHL – 9/2/2007 to 4/19/2019 – 11 years 7 months and 17 days — please – no “rainbow bridge/better place” bullshit…it just hurts too severely to hear that nonsense…Thanks to EVERYONE who helped us support Reggie’s medical care in these last few months…we are so VERY grateful. I was transformed by Reggie during the 10 years we spent travelling together over 50,000 miles exploring the great American WEST…Incomprehensible pain and sorrow…unspeakable..

Reggie Dahl





One thought on “In Memoriam – Reggie Dahl – 9-2-2007 to 4-19-2019”

  1. So very sorry — he was a beautiful dog, and such a companion to you — it’s a huge loss and a huge hole in your heart and in your life. There just aren’t words to make it better. Only working through your grief can do that……hope you know that others care.

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