Interview with Alasdair Baverstock – Lake Chapala

Here is my interview TODAY (PODCAST) about Lake Chapala with international news correspondent Alasdair Baverstock who is currently based in Mexico City. The title is “Expat Paradise (Lost?) with Bill Dahl and Marcie Miller” — It’s about 40 minutes: The podcast is called “The Correspondence Podcast” designed to profile journalists and their work. CLICK The LINK BELOW:


Lake Chapala – Beneath The Surface


Grab your head phones…You may recognize Alasdair’s voice from his recent video news piece: “Robberies on the Rise in Lake Chapala” – or the countless documentaries he has narrated. Please subscribe to Alasdair’s “The Correspondence” Podcast. Alasdair was kind enough to ask questions about my current investigative journalism work – and NEW BOOK – Lake Chapala – Beneath the Surface.


Alasdair Baverstock


Alasdair’s Bio – an excerpt from his website below:

“Alasdair’s first ever news story made the front page of The Independent, and he picked up strings working for The Scotsman and Daily Telegraph.

Alasdair spent a year in Caracas, during which he was also published in TIME Magazine, The Atlantic, BBC, the Globe & Mail and others.

Following a year in Caracas, Alasdair moved to Mexico City in March 2014.

He began working regularly for VICE News, and soon became the Mexico correspondent for the Daily Mail.

Today he is the Mexico correspondent for CGTN, covering the entire country and wider region.”

Alasdair Baverstock



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