Knowmentary – a new word from Bill Dahl

Oftentimes, words serve to change the tenor of both our thinking and our dialog. Sometimes they change the way we perceive world, self and others. The best one’s change our behavior for the better.  We overlook the fact that humans create language – and that the process of creating language is ongoing. It’s our privilege and responsibility. Thus, I’m exercising both today. Enter “Knowmentary.”

If the history of human civilization demonstrates anything – it is the fact that what we think we know is momentary. It’s temporary. It is “Knowmentary.” Knowledge, beliefs, values, attitudes, perceptions, observation, mores, memes and norms are all perishable (thank heaven!). Even emotions appear and disappear in terms of their actual behavioral expressions by humans. The degree to which we think we know: terms like certain, truth, love, affection, rejection, doubt, fear and confusion also ebb and flow as emotional states expressed in human existence.

I am also grateful that moral imperatives – things like unlove, violence, racism, murder, stealing,  and the like seem to have a relatively universal and enduring capacity amongst cultures.

The next time you or others around you seem absolutely certain about something subjectively, think “Knowmentary.” See if it changes the way you perceive life, self and others – for the better.

It’s worked for me. Just as my public confession that I’m a Questian rather than a Christian has changed me, them and us – for me – for the better. I’m comfortable that Jesus is cool with that too. Well, at least at present I am.

Try it…let me know if “Knowmentary” works for you. Heck, maybe you’ll introduce the term “Questians” into your vocabulary…

Mythtaken – buying into the myths of certainty will be my next word introduction.

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