Smith Rock State Park

Living in Central Oregon – we are fortunate to be surrounded with displays of amazing natural beauty. On occasion, these displays can be spellbinding. This post is about one of those very, very special moments. Please feel free to share this post with your social network.

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Reggie and I hiked to the summit of Smith Rock State Park (Misery Ridge trail) on a cold and icy Friday afternoon in January 2015 – and stayed on the summit until after dark to capture an amazing Central Oregon sunset – landscapes – and the moon rising. (Used crampons and hiking poles for safety).

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To truly appreciate the depth and breadth of this amazing spectacle, you can view the entire photo album by CLICKING HERE.

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This is HDR photography – shot in RAW format (vs. jpeg) – and bracketed (3 shots per image). These images are VERY HIGH QUALITY  and are NOT intended to be viewed on a mobile phone. PLEASE view on a high resolution PC, Mac, HDTV, iPad or Tablet to enjoy these images.

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This is High Dynamic Range photography or HDR. This is a method that adds more “dynamic range” to photographs. Dynamic Range is the ratio of light to dark in a photograph. Instead of just taking one photo, HDR uses three RAW photos, taken at different exposures (one image properly exposed, one two f stops under exposed and one image two f stops over exposed).

For each single image you see, there were three exposures combined to make it. In this case, the three images are uploaded into Adobe Lightroom 5.7 and then exported to Google’s NIK software preset — HDR EfexPro.  This is time consuming post production – yet – the results are gorgeous…providing the viewer of the images with an image that incorporates more detail, color and character than the human eye or a jpeg photo can capture.

If you enjoy gorgeous images of Central Oregon/Oregon – Please subscribe to this/my blog to be notified as I post new content in 2015 BELOW:




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