The Incredible Spring Beauty of Central Mexico

Central Mexico possesses a unique and expansive beauty 12 months a year. Spring is particularly gorgeous. I hope you enjoy this photo album. You will find beautiful colors, plants, trees, people, places, art and food.


These images were captured in the State of Queretaro. They include images from Santiago de Queretaro, Tequisquiapan and San Gil.

CLICK HERE to go to the photo album. Use the slideshow feature to enlarge the photos for viewing/  These are high quality images captured with Canon professional photography equipment. They are not intended to be viewed on a cell phone. For viewing, please use a tablet, pc monitor or stream to your HDTV.

You may also enjoy this photo album captured in Santiago de Queretaro in April 2021. It is HERE.

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One thought on “The Incredible Spring Beauty of Central Mexico”

  1. What an amazing collection of spectacular photography! The composition, colors and subjects are simply artistic. Very nice work Bill!

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