The Questian Confession by Bill Dahl

The Questian Confession

by Bill Dahl – 2011 – ALL Rights Reserved

Sacred capacity to question,
Mysteries dance beyond my reach.
I stretch and strain to grasp you.
Through curiosity you teach.

Socialization soaked in tradition,
Rains down upon every generation.
You squeeze me like a sponge,
Reviving the thirst of my imagination.

We believe too much
Of what we’ve heard so many repeat.
Suffering silently in acceptance,
Our ignorance complete.

Experts, teachers, and authorities –
We follow obediently as they guide.
Curiosity wonders as it trudges:
“Is it possible they’re wrong or lied?

Questions ooze from us from birth.
In pursuit of certainty we race.
Perhaps it’s the beauty of life’s mysteries,
We must learn to cherish and embrace?

Unknown, Unfounded, Undiscovered.
We call out to you by name.
Lives anesthetized by routines,
Involuntary servitude to the same.

Reluctance transformed into courage!
We surrender to inspiration.
Birthed for creativity –
We embrace the gift of our imagination.

Walls, ceilings, floors and traffic lights.
Structural attempts to insure uniformity and order.
Surrounded everyday – on all sides –
Unaware of the seriousness of our disorder.

Customs, attitudes and media
Lenses defining what we think we know.
Worn out couches left behind by heart disease,
Evidence of postmodernism’s new death row.

Freedom to challenge the status quo –
What the world now accepts and tolerates.
Indifference spawned by hopeless helplessness,
We’ve now moved beyond your gates.

Wishful thinking and kind expressions,
Lip service has worn out its stay.
I rise to become what I can be –
I declare myself a Questian today!

This yearning that I’m birthed with –
It’s no unique genetic indiscretion.
We’re all created with this capacity –
Empowered to nurture its expression.

New discoveries yearn for our inquiry.
Innovation demands indiscretion.
May you be empowered by these sentiments –
And declare yourself a Questian!

Please share this ditty with a friend –
Step out and be courageous.
Your Questian confession –
Share freely – It’s contagious!

You can put the Questian logo on your website –
Or link to this poem on your Facebook page.
There are no limits to the quest we’re on –
Being Questians is the celebration that we wage.

If you’re a Friend of Questians,
Make your public declaration known.
Share your Questian Confession!
Believe us – You’re not alone.

You can enjoy Bill’s writing on his website(s) at and For reprint or distribution permission, Contact Bill at wsdahl (at) bendbroadband (dot )com.

The Questians
is the title of Bill Dahl’s forthcoming book. Copyright © 2011.

3 thoughts on “The Questian Confession by Bill Dahl”

  1. Absolutely Awesome Bill…you have truly captured how many of us feel…it’s questions that are like kindling in the mind. One spark…and it sets it ablaze. Let’s start infecting one another…

  2. I agree 100% with your amazingly articulated poem Bill. Often I’m wondering why and where questions are coming from and how to interpret them. But if one listens you may get answers! Not in the mainstream though.

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