THE WAY OF THE KNIFE — by Mark Mazzetti



If you want to read a book about the origins and evolution of the current U.S. intelligence apparatus as we portend to “know it” – this is it.

Mark Mazzetti is a journalist for The New York Times, where he has covered national security issues since 2006.


Mark Mazzetti
Mark Mazzetti


Where did drones come from? How are they used? Who controls the decision-making behind their use? How are “enemies of the state” identified, tracked and eliminated? — Insights into these questions and many, many more are aptly illustrated by the investigative journalism skills of author Mark Mazzetti.

This book is not for the faint of heart. Yet, like most superb works of investigative journalism – it produces vastly more questions than it answers. These are questions that are pertinent to life today — and tomorrow.

The Way of the Knife by Mark Mazzetti – a penetrating examination of the anatomy of the U.S. intelligence apparatus – it’s like an autopsy of a body that’s still alive and well – with you in the room.

THIS IS IT! A place and a time you never thought you would inhabit.




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