A Slave in the White House – Paul Jennings and the Madisons by Elizabeth Dowling Taylor – A Review by Bill Dahl

Wow…I mean WOW!!! Truly wow…you smell the miasma of the oppression within the history of slavery in the U.S. when you read this book.


A magnificent narrative about stories that are not told anymore. The masterful craftsmanship that produced this work is awe inspiring…not too much detail but sufficient to make this book one that will make you cry, shout, audibly say incredulously; “Oh my Gosh!”  at least 4 times. This book is suitable for all audiences and would be accessible intellectually by middle and high school students – particularly those studying U.S. history. I couldn’t put it down when I started…read the whole thing in bed once I began.

 Magnificent – incredible – REQUIRED READING.

Phenomenal. period.

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