Book Review: The Naked Gospel – The Truth You May Never Hear in Church

The Naked Gospel

A fresh, tender, superbly informed voice – a timely work – A well crafted message woven with the story-telling skills of a master knitter of the gospel, our lives, our Lord and what it really means to be free in Christ.

I needed to read this book. I know I have loads of company. Whether you may be exploring what it may mean to have a present-day relationship with Christ,  a desire to know Jesus more intimately, suffocating in religion or smugly comfortable in your relationship with God – READ THIS BOOK!

As author Andrew Farley points out:

“Radically, the Bible teaches that humanity’s main problemis not what we’re doing. Instead, it’s our lack of life as we do it.” p.72.

This is a book about freedomfreedom from the shackles of man-made interpretations of what is required to live life as a Christian. Scripturally sound, Farley takes us on a journey – revisiting may of the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith – reminding us of the biblical,  present day realities that many of us have unfortunately forgotten or replaced with other interpretations in our daily living as Christians .  As Farley states:

“Too often, I see the church today functioning like any other morality-focused social group. It’s time for us to wake up and realize that being born of the Spirit means we possess an amazing life within us. Because we’re already different on the inside, we can live differently on the outside.” p. 186.

Don’t misinterpret what the quote above refers to. This is NOT a book about condemning the state of the church. It is written for a broad audience with immediate, enduring practical application to our lives.Furthermore, it is superb tool to share with those considering the Christian faith. A tremendous small group study book.

This book is a rarity. Most precious gifts are. I hope you will be blessed by it as I was. It’s a book that I will revisit regularly now.

I felt somehow lighter after I finished this book. Distinctly unburdened. My prayer is that you will receive a similar gift from your reading of it.

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