Jesus Freak – Sara Miles New Book from Jossey-Bass

Wow! I mean….Wow! A uniquely powerful narrative. Look for it soon…

Jesus Freak 2

The book is due out in February 2010….PRE-ORDER NOW!

How many times must we read true stories about people who are living as Jesus today,  before we begin to adopt their ways…walk their wisdom…breathe the beauty of intentionally “leaning into the interruption” (p.77) that living in The Way, actually affords us. Why do we complain that so many of us seem to be missing the miracle of living – inhabited by the Spirit of God?

In this book, Sara Miles reveals that “Sharing our real stories, unvarnished and unfinished, not only provide helpful tips or sympathetic laughs: it’s the thing that allows us to become whole.” (p.76). This book is penned to “pass it on.” Parts of it will make you laugh, make you weep, make you cringe — and stand awestruck at the magnificence of the miracle of mercy. Listen to Sara Miles:

“We’ll stay hungry if we eat alone. We’ll be lonely if we think we can only share fellowship with the right people. We’ll starve if we believe that a community is a supernatural kind of miracle, or a product we can buy — not something we create by offering ourselves recklessly to others.” (p.26).

If, as Sara suggests, “we understand God through stories,” (p.1) — I assure you that the stories she shares in these pages will rearrange your heart, redirect your feet, empower you with the essential energy and deliver the direction to embrace the leading of God’s Spirit, so eloquently illustrated in this uniquely powerful portrayal.

If you are one who is recovering from  being a byproduct of established religion, read this book to restore your relationship with the Living God and your confidence in “a better way” that Jesus continues to call us to — Today.

Christianity is not an intellectual endeavor. It is not a philosophy. It is a way of life where the heart pumps direction to the hands, mouth and feet. Sara Miles life, and those around her, are living, breathing evidence of this. It is where we encounter “inappropriate locations for something holy to occur” (p.6). This is true from the perspective of our sacred texts, as Sara points out:

The first thing we learn from the story of Jesus’ baptism is that God is probably not planning to reveal anything particularly important in church, or in any kind of temple we think is appropriate for the holy, or through anyone who’s an official holy man” (p.5).

The point is that this book is about permission; permission to experience dimensions of the Christian life and the God who inhabits it in ways that you have heretofore denied yourself. As the author states emphatically, “I kept learning that my new Christian identity required me to act” (p.XIV).

A truly timely, riveting, practical, paradigm shifting story. Share extra copies with others. This book was written to be passed around and shared with others.

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