The Big Guy Upstairs by Rob Strong

First, an apology – I am way behind in reading and reviewing books graciously sent to me for review by VP and Publisher Wendy Grisham at Jericho Books. I am truly sorry Wendy and Jericho.


Rob Strong’s “The Big Guy Upstairs” is truly a luscious little book.  Rob is a natural story teller, eminently human, and shares some insights into the human dimension of the pastoral profession that I found both amusing, heart-wrenching, and refreshing.


This book is really all about “walking with God” – sharing the boots on the ground reality of “sharing with someone else” the experience of doing just that.


I adored this quote which captured the essence of this book for me:

“Experiencing God begins with grace and forgiveness. God is pushed to the edge of your life or relegated to the role as the “Big Guy Upstairs” because of your guilt or avoidance. But he doesn’t want you to feel he must be kept far away. He wants you to reach out and grab hold of him. He wants to walk life with you…you can experience life with him. God is right here with you.” (pp. 207-208).

Rob Strong demystifies and deconstructs the perception of “The Big Guy Upstairs” – a notion that prevents experiencing the intimacy available for far too many. Due to bad theology, poor experiences with life, others and self — Rob Strong tackles these issues head on, in a sensitive way filled with real-life  practical examples.

Like I said, a luscious little book, penned by a fellow I hope to meet some day. Rob Strong is the kind of guy you would want to have as a God Guide in life.


I’ll leave it at that.


The Big Guy Upstairs

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