Tomorrow’s World by Clint Laurent

This is a fascinating look at the future from a demographic perspective, utilizing all the tools available to Dr. Clint Laurent, Managing Director of Global Demographics, LTD.

For many, this book is likely too much information to be consumed as a selected reading. However, as a reference resource, this book is invaluable.  For those in the strategic planning arena in the private sector, I would have this book next to my desk as it is an essential tool in measuring the assumptions many will bring to the table in terms of prospective and potential markets to target in the next 20 years. Tomorrow’s World can be used as a comparative tool to test those assumptions against. This is particularly true for private sector companies authoring strategic growth plans where consumer products are a central revenue driver in international markets over the next two decades.

I found this to be a fascinating read, dispelling many notions I had held. Well written and structured to hold the readers interest, when demographic data can be a source of boredom.

A superbly crafted treatise.

Tomorrows World

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