Infects our nation.
Millions march
In demonstration.

Congress paralyzed
In consternation.
What might stop
This humiliation?

National Guardsmen deployed to the border,
Build those fences high.
Half-baked partisan political solutions,
Permeate pie-in-the-sky.

Elections on the horizon,
Incumbents don’t know which way to turn.
More bodies fall in the Arizona desert,
Yes, hope can die and burn.

Where’s Vicente Fox?
His people continue to flee.
Let’s not overlook a dimension of this dialogue:
Mexico’s responsibility.

“There’s nothing we can do.
It’s not our responsibility.”
Such is Mexico’s load of nonsense
That delays the plan for a self-sustaining economy.

Instead of wiring money to family in Mexico,
Send Vicente Fox a straightforward letter.
“Prepare a five year plan,
It’s about time you made things better!”

Rallies, marches and bullhorns in the U.S.
The voices becoming hoarse.
When will Mexico’s citizens rise up?
Confronting the bitter reality that Mexico is the source.

It’s time for the Mexican citizenry
To awaken from their siesta.
A nation wracked with poverty,
Is no reason for a fiesta.

It’s easy to focus on all the wrong things,
Struggling with the illegal immigration solution.
I wrote this little poem
So we won’t overlook the need for a Mexican revolution.

It’s tempting to deal only with the obvious,
Neglecting the causes that impact our nation.
While the government of Mexico
Hides silently in the shadows of discrimmigration.

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