Do You Believe This?

Do you believe this?”1
Jesus shouted out.
Disciples of little faith,
Followers filled with doubt.

“I am the resurrection.
I am the life.”2
Breathe and live this truth,
In contentment or in strife.

Lazarus became very ill,
Close to his last breath.
Mary and Martha called for Jesus:
“Please spare Lazarus from certain death!”3

Jesus stayed away for two more days,
“Lazarus? He sleeps!”4
The disciples looked at one another,
“Sometimes He gives me the creeps.”

“Lord, if you would have been here,
My brother would not have died!
“Yet, God will do as you ask,”5
Martha said, as she leaned on Jesus’ side.

Mary ran to Jesus,
Her brother’s death she struggled to accept.
“Where have you laid him?”
With that, “Jesus wept.”6

They came to the tomb,
Boulder across the entrance to a cave.
“Take away the stone!”7
Revealed the body in the grave.

“He’s been in there four days!
There will be a terrible smell!”8
“Did I not tell you to believe?”9
Jesus’ faith began to swell.
As they took away the stone,
Jesus stood and prayed. 10
Confident in things not yet seen,11
The crowd’s hopes would not be betrayed.

Standing at the entrance,
A crowd filled with doubt.
God’s glory delights in belief,
“Lazarus, come out!” 12


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