“Enough!” He cried,
“Rise! Let us go!”
Disciples resting on their laurels,
Asleep in Gethsemane’s garden, lying low.

Out in a desolate, remote place we asked,
“Where can we find enough to feed this famished horde?”
“Bring Me the seven loaves you have?”
Grace always sufficient, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Leftovers are quite common,
As Jesus satisfies our every need.
Yearning for the wrong stuff we hear His voice,
“Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed.”

Barns filled with earthly treasures,
Crowding out the promise of His joy.
Frantically accumulating piles of the meaningless,
That moths and rust destroy.

“For where your treasure is,
There will be your heart.”
A spring-cleaning is in order.
Perhaps today’s the day to start.

Maybe you think this is silly,
Some half-baked truth within this yarn.
Could it be time to reconsider?
What you’re offering to be gathered into His barn.

“If I only Had this or that,
My life would be just fine.”
Accumulating more instead of offering,
Firstfruits for new wine.

Living on bread alone,
He told us this was hollow.
Voracious yearning for more of the wrong stuff,
Choking as we attempt to swallow.

The precious voice of Jesus is drowned out amidst
Insatiable appetites screaming, “I need my piece of the pie!”
Standing in line at the pharmacy,
Filling prescriptions to medicate the lie.

“This is My Son I love, listen to Him
In Him I am well pleased!”
It’s like we need Him to repeat Himself,
He spoke just as we supposedly sneezed.

Recalls from the FDA,
Breakthrough drugs, false promises they tease us.
Creating casualties through greed and deception,
We ignore the outstretched arms of sweet Jesus.

Big Tobacco continues to make cigarettes.
Have you seen their recent ads?
Promotions to stop smoking while
Stealing life’s breath from moms & dads.

On-demand, real-time, on-line,
Anything convenient, portable and fast.
“Time’s my most precious asset!”
Christ’s tears fall to Earth aghast.

There seems to be a disconnect in our lives,
Between enough and more.
It might have something to do with greatness,
An important subject Jesus has addressed before.

It has something to do with our culture,
The insatiable desire to be at the head table of the feast.
We must return to the enduring truth of Christ,
“The greatest among you shall be the least.”

Jockeying for position at life’s table we manipulate.
To insure our share of more we muster the unconscionable nerve.
All the while ignoring the sufficiency of His voice,
“To be the greatest you must become a slave and serve.”

If you’re like me and you get to places
Where your life seems unfair and really tough.
Examine the Scripture that populates this poem,
In Jesus Christ we have enough.

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