Life’s Gift To Grow

Photo by Bill Dahl
Photo by Bill Dahl

Life’s Gift To Grow

I wonder why I’m built this way?
To ponder what the certain say.
To contemplate another way –
Where undiscovered explanations lay.

Understood emerges
After understand.
We abandon what we thought we knew
Like footprints in the sand.

As I consider mankind’s history
One central truth jumps out at me:

What we thought we might know
Gold nuggets mined from below
On the shore of the rivers flow
Claims recorded. Hearts aglow.

Seasons change.
Time ticks ahead.
Claims abandoned.
Fertility’s dead.

We move on-
Plow a new field.
We apply the lessons
From last harvest’s yield.

Where we’ve stood
On understand –
Encouragement to
Extend a hand.

In this extension
As we reach –
Possibilities appear
Horizons teach.

From where I stand
Recalling where I’ve stood-
The question arises
If I would;

Change the way
We come to know,
Like deer tracks covered
By new fallen snow.

Tides of life seem to
Rearrange our beaches.
“I wouldn’t change it.”
Wonder teaches.

So much to learn
Beyond what I might now know.
I understand just one thing;
Life’s gift to grow.

Photo by Bill Dahl
Photo by Bill Dahl

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