Ms. Metaphor

Ms. Metaphor

Photography by Bill Dahl
Photography by Bill Dahl

by Bill Dahl – 2011 – ALL Rights Reserved

Hey there Ms. Metaphor!
What do you mean?
With vestments of language
You reveal the unseen.

I ponder your musings-
What appears as a token.
A hidden new meaning –
Invaluable – unspoken.

I turn from your image-
A moment to reflect.
Disparate concepts
You serve to connect.

Scattering seeds
On the soil of my mind.
Implanting curiosity
So tender and kind.

As you gracefully sway,
Waltzing with Know.
I cut in on the dance –
Yearning to grow.

Lost in the melody,
Enchanted by your eyes.
I’m famished for more.
So gentle  – so wise.

My fingers touch the page,
Adoring the language configuration.
Deeply grateful for the reality –
This is not my imagination.

Your pulse inhabits
The paragraph on this page.
Thank you Ms. Metaphor.
For being our sage.

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