Pray For America!


Just a month away
The grand gala in D.C.
Ushering in a new era
To become what we must be.

As I ponder this moment,
I have more questions than answers.
I’m tired of the spin:
Twirling semantics dancers.

My country is troubled,
Like no period in our past.
Citizens yearn for solutions:
The kind made to last.

Where do you start?
When faced with such a mess.
Tumultuous times.
Tremendous stress.

The skies clouded above us,
Threatening ominous weather.
Perhaps we might consider,
Truly coming together.

One would be naïve to think,
“To have what we had would be nice.”
To reclaim our futures footing,
Will require change and sacrifice.

Improvements in healthcare
Jobs, energy and education.
The challenge is formidable,
For any administration.

I’ve learned that our leaders
A heavy burden they must bear.
May our nation come together,
Covering all with prayer.

Imagine the possibilities,
Citizens down on their knees,
Praising the Almighty –
One beseeching breeze.

It’s absurd to assume,
The challenges can be met by one man.
Yet, with America in prayer.
“Oh yes We can!”

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