Reflections on Technology

Nukes, poverty, immigration…genocide and war.
Media bombardment we abhor.
Children crying. Innocents dieing.
Hell lives on a distant shore.

“Change the channel!
Grab the clicker!”
Remote control living
Reality fades quicker.

Recorded entertainment.
Surfing bookmarks on the net.
Selective reality,
The unintended threat.

Bodycounts, treaties and ceasefires.
Talk of negotiated settlements.
The developed world tunes it out,
Snuggled securely in our tents.

The voices of pain in this world.
Digital obscenity.
Overwhelmed, we filter it.
Compounding our insensitivity.

Another foreign policy pundit.
A fee-paid talking head.
“Hit the mute-button somebody!”
Instant silence to real-world dread.

Technology and culture,
Who really understands?
Yet, I’ve become increasingly concerned about
Spectators sitting back with folded hands.

Where are His faithful?
The Great Army of God!
Are they sequestered safely behind the bunkers of technology,
Observing what seems so odd?

Technological advancement rains upon us,
This torrent seems to have changed our role.
Created to be His caregivers in this world,
To remote observers hunkered in a foxhole.

I heard Him whisper to my heart today,
As I pondered all this stuff.
“For some it will be quite simple,
For others it’s going to be really tough.”

“Don’t allow it to make you callous,
Insensitive to what I abhor.
May it motivate you to act!
As I AM The God of More!”

“Learn to live My Gospel!
I have gifted you for your role.
Don’t hide behind My words,
Legitimizing the false sense of security you extol!”

“It’s time for a new posture,
Arise and move beyond the technological fuss.
Harness it to advance My Kingdom.
Together we can do it. Yes, it’s all about us.”

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