Sheepmanship – A Poem About Leadership

So you want to be a leader?
Perhaps you’ve been told you must become one “just like me.”
The value of your life may depend upon the manner in which,
You lead the way for the rest of us, too deaf, dumb and blind to see.

Hurry! Grab the latest leadership literature!
Soak up every seminar, mentor, pamphlet and CD.
If you’re bold enough to Google® the term,
You can read for all eternity.

Eventually you’ll obtain your chance,
Translating intellectual theory into actual practice.
Leading other human beings who silently greet you with,
“Who do you think you are? Nobody even asked us!”

Everyday’s a challenge.
You will encounter yours.
The salesman who sells you a boat then says,
“It’s four hundred extra for the oars.”

Perhaps you have become a victim,
Misled and wounded by “makes sense” worldly philosophy.
This straightforward stuff about leadership,
Isn’t as harmless as it’s cracked up to be.

Many have become disillusioned with this leadership stuff,
Feeling excluded, self worth something less than it should be.
When they hear the insatiable appetite calling out for leaders,
Their retort’s become, “Leave me alone! This is unnatural to me!”

Awareness is the first step they say,
Recovering from almost every malady.
Addiction to the allure of leadership,
Intoxicates the culture of American Christianity.

No need to fear for His loved ones,
No more aimless wandering and lost sleep.
Lift your eyes to The Shepherd!
Lay down in pastures prepared for His beloved sheep.

So easily we wander,
Each step we take away from Him is our own choice.
Listen to Him calling, “Return to Me my precious one.”
“My sheep, they know my Voice.”

High time to readjust our perspective,
This leadership stuff is out of whack.
It’s when we wander from the protection of His truth,
That we become vulnerable to the evil one’s attack.

I’m not suggesting leadership is wrong.
A course correction is all I’ve detected.
Restoring biblical balance to this leadership issue,
Is what must be corrected.

Pray to Him as you complete this poem,
Repent with tears and quivering lip.
Confess your sin of being deceived,
About His intent for leadership.

Run to Him in the pasture,
Focused on Him, you will not trip
The Shepherd of all sheep awaits you.
The Author of Sheepmanship.™

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