The Convention of Imagine Nation

photo by Bill Dahl
photo by Bill Dahl

The Convention of Imagine Nation

“Hello Ms. Perception….”

“Well – Good morning Mister E.!”

“Are you here for the reception?”

“The retirement of Harry C.?”


 “I just arrived this morning —

In Curios City —

Say hello to my companion –

One Durr accompanied me.”


 “Look — there’s Rev. L. Ayshun!

With her colleague E. Piphany.

They’re gazing out the window –

Beside Sir Tontee.”


 “What’s all that commotion?”

“It’s Anne Sur making another fuss” –

— another debate with Mean Ing,

Trying to explain Purr Puss.”


 “Here comes the entourage of Czar O…

With Lone Lee and A. Lone.

Followed by the Core Wrecked

Jabbering on the phone.”


 “In the corner there’s B. Fuddled —

With the twins called Pair A Lies.

Ms. Trust is to their left,

Next to Woon Dead & Real Eyes.”


 “Here come the rabble rousers –

Led by Alien Nate.

Dee Spair is his constant companion –

Surrounded by Igor Ance and Hate.”


 “There’s ol’ Pa Sibble —

The father of opportunity.

He’s seated next to M. Possible –

Behind Abe Bility.”


 “Brrr…here come the cold one’s –

Snickering like devious mice.

The mother of prejudice and injustice.

She’s referred to as Mal Ice.”


 ‘Here comes a group it’s great to see —

There’s N. Courage and A. Door.

Walking down the aisle with Hope –

Under the auspices of X. Plore.”


 Walking under the balcony of Know Ledge

We hear the buzz of Bee Neath and Bee Low.

“We’re on our way to visit Bee Leaf —

To see the foliage before the snow.”


 What we thought we knew before,

Will not be here this year.

Time has seen to displace them,

Along with reticence and fear.


 Attitudes, knowledge, emotions and values —

Characters created for modification.

Assemble each and every year —

At the convention of Imagine Nation.

Photo by Bill Dahl
Photo by Bill Dahl

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