The Plunder of Certainty

The Plunder of Certainty

Photo by Bill Dahl
Photo by Bill Dahl

Doctrine, dogma – drones of required beliefs –

Expectations smashed – splashed on man-made reefs.

Literal interpretation – millions remain perplexed.

Left our lives – out of their sacred text.



Ancient narratives risen from the dead.

Hear their voices as we begin to break bread.

One word written, with his finger.

Ponder it now – Let the Spirit linger.



Understanding and images

Designed for continual change.

Worldviews born,

Created to be rearranged.



Certainty’s beginning

Accompanied by the end.

Doctrine and dogma,

Unwilling to even bend.



Glimpse the veiled profile

Of self-righteous pride.

The smirking mug snickers

Behold – the ugly side.



Everywhere around us,

Truth’s on a mission.

Crammed down our throats

Without a whisper of permission.



Seemingly safe –

A fine disguise.

Infiltrating our hearts

Infectious lies.



Who’s the heretic?

It makes one wonder.

Innocence patiently awaits

Certainty’s plunder.



The faithful stand –

With anxious apprehension.

Smiles smugly masking

Their obvious dissension.



A voice from the crowd

Let’s out a shout:

“Is there such a thing –

Living without a doubt?”



Prisoners of certainty –

Together in one cell.

The promise of freedom

Wafting aloft their hell.



Mystery of mysteries –

Escapes man’s attempts at conclusion.

The plunder of certainty –

Most certainly no illusion.

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