The Question

Sacred questions,
Mysteries beyond my reach.
I stretch and strain to grasp you.
Through curiosity you teach.

Lives soaked in tradition,
The rain upon every generation.
You squeeze us like a sponge,
Reawakening our thirst for imagination.

We believe too much
Of what we’ve heard so many repeat.
Suffering silently in acceptance,
Our ignorance complete.

Experts, teachers, and noted authorities.
Blind faith without exploration they serve to guide.
Your question draws me out beyond the fog:
“Is it possible they’re wrong or their truths have died?

Questions born of you Great Spirit.
In pursuit of certainty we race.
Perhaps it’s the beauty of your mystery,
We must learn to cherish and embrace?

Unknown, Unfounded, Undiscovered.
We refer to You and Yours by name.
Lives anesthetized by routines,
Reinforce captivity to more of the same.

Transform our reluctance into courage!
We surrender to Your inspiration.
We beg you Great God of More,
Teach us to treasure Your gift of the imagination.

Walls, ceiling, floors and traffic lights.
Structural attempts to insure uniformity and order.
Surrounded everyday on all sides,
Unaware of the seriousness of our disorder.

Norms, beliefs, attitudes and media
Lenses sifting what we think we know.
Worn out couches left behind by heart disease,
Evidence of the postmodern’s new death row.

Our relentless pursuit of certainty.
How You must ponder what seems so odd.
The centuries we’ve spent defining You,
The Creator of the question…our sacred God.

Endless expressions of doctrine and theology,
Attempts to decipher the truth of Your essence.
We’ve crammed it down the throats of others,
Distancing all from the beauty of Your presence.

Blessed Mystery of Mysteries,
Never quell our indigestion.
Soothe us only as we pursue You,
Led by your gift for the capacity to question.

Majestic beauty that surrounds us,

Forgive us as we ignore,

The truth of your ever unfolding wonder—

You are The God of More!

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