The Sky is Falling

You cannot avoid it.
It’s something most folks dread.
There’s no way around it…
Life falling on your head.

Some wait with trepidation,
The arrival of life’s calling.
When it doesn’t seem to arrive on time,
They claim the sky is falling.

Some bemoan the unexpected,
The stuff that comes out of thin air.
Victims of the deception,
That life’s designed as somehow fair.

Some get overwhelmed,
Amidst life’s mess and muss.
They believe they have immunity,
“How could this happen to us?”

Some attempt to avoid it,
Spinning through life like a compact disk.
Their pace and their busyness,
An attempt to outrun the risk.

Some build self-contained bunkers.
Insulating them from things uncertain.
The end result is predictable:
An unlived life behind death’s curtain.

Others worship the routine,
A life that minimizes chance.
They live life as spectators,
Who never learned to dance.

There are those paralyzed by excuses.
The one’s petrified by “what if” and “but.”
Afraid to live a life of meaning,
Bored to death in a self-made rut.

Maybe it’s not life we can blame.
Perhaps we need to clarify these situations.
Could the source of this problem,
Lie within our own expectations?

You’ve experienced those times,
Shattering the expectations that you own.
The tires of life seem to get blown off.
Remember…You’re not alone.

When life happens in this way,
When your expectations become unsealed.
When you think the sky is falling,
Anticipate a new dimension of heaven to be revealed.

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