What Can I Do?

What Can I Do?

What can I do?
I ask, as I gaze into the divine.
What will this year hold?
Now numbered two thousand nine.

What will I avoid?
Something that I fear?
Please give me the courage,
To deny my tendency to veer.

What will come out of my mouth?
Undoubtedly statements I wish I could take back.
Remind me to pray each day
For the hungry, the homeless, and the people of Iraq.

When I’m feeling fortunate,
Overflowing with an abundance of pride.
Remind me of the horrors of Darfur,
The ongoing genocide.

If I start feeling useless,
Seemingly unable to help anyone in need.
May I encounter someone that day,
Whom You provide, that I may feed.

Should I have to move,
A new home to arrange.
Remind me that I cannot escape,
Unabated, global, climate change.

If I feel I don’t have enough,
Remind me of the victims of economic exploitation.
Bring to mind the innocent children,
Suffering from the effects of undocumented immigration.

Should I become ill,
Thinking “it’s not fair.”
Remind me of the millions,
Who have no healthcare.

Should I start feeling lonely?
Like a team without a fan.
Remind me to be still and know that you are God,
Praying for those in North Korea and Iran.

If I become insensitive and uncaring,
Due to an unbalanced focus on myself.
Teach me to release this burden,
Placing my stuff on the shelf.

Should I become too comfortable.
Following You, I begin to balk.
Remind me in Your own way,
“It’s time to walk the talk.”

To follow You is to move,
Even when this journey seems so strange.
Help me to embrace
The necessity for ongoing change.

Happy New Year my friends!
Now numbered two thousand nine.
Perhaps this year we might become,
God’s earthly taste of the divine.

When life reveals this year’s reality,
Filled with dilemmas, unjust and unfair.
Allow us to act upon the opportunity to serve,
Oh Lord, please hear our prayer.

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