Wholly Smoke

Abraham saw it.
Rising from the land below.
The remains of Sodom and Gomorrah,
A story we all know.(1)

Mt. Sinai was covered with it,
After God descended like fire upon the peak.
Moses walked up through it,
God had ten things to speak.

David routinely cried out to God,
Becoming a habit, it started as a choice.
God arrived with smoke pouring from his nostrils,(2)
In response to His loved ones voice.(3)

As I peer into these scenes,
I get some in my eyes.
Burning and blurry,
I begin to realize.

The smoke is an indicator,
A product of combustion I cannot see.
It’s appears there’s much more to it,
A supernatural mystery.

Holey, wholly, holy
Lord, God Almighty
How I wish this relationship with You,
Could be less complicated and more tidy.

As I read the life of Abraham,
Oh, the faith of one who loved you solely.
The tears they cascade down my cheeks,
As my faith is often weak and holey.

David, I can relate to.
His Ranting and raving within a psalm.
Soothes my wounded heart,
As you apply your healing balm.

Please hear my heartfelt confession Lord!
My faith is often weak and filled with holes.
Should I take any comfort in the thought?
That I’m surrounded by similarly afflicted souls?

Guilt screams, “Your faith’s defective!”
“As a Christian, you’re something less than you should be!”
Perhaps I’m all alone in this.
Yearning for the smoke to clear. Your face I long to see.

If I didn’t have this issue burning,
Deep within my soul.
I would be one of the self-righteous,
Proclaiming, “Look at me I’m whole!”

I adore the way you’ve made us.
Although I don’t understand all things I should know.
I trust that in admitting this confusion,
You will help me grow.

In a world filled with answers.
Pontificating knowledge at a pace that makes one choke.
I will continue to seek your truth Lord God,
As the world’s wholly smoke.


[1] NIV – Genesis 19:27-28

[1] NIV – 2 Samuel 22:9

[1] NIV – 2 Samuel 22:20

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