An Update from Bill Dahl

Well, here we go.

Welcome to the new blog. This blog provides a new platform for sharing  Bill’s writing and photography in one place. So many people have shared their desire to comment on Bill’s writing and photography that we are very pleased to migrate to this blog format that integrates the written word with photographic images ( wherever possible ) to accommodate your requests. We have transferred the bulk of Bill’s writing from the old website, as well as The Porpoise Diving website to this site. Explore and Enjoy!
Bill remains dedicated to creating dialogue in a world gone different.

As many folks know, I have taken a sabbatical in 2008 from writing (for the most part). I am recharged and very excited about 2009. Some of the writings you will see from me in 2009 include:

1. Books – One for certain, the other is a distinct possibility within the year.

2. Writings, poems and songs from the perspective of those who do not have a voice during this time of unprecedented economic malaise and chaos.

3. Other authors – Encouraging and working with other emerginf authors who have some superb works under development, assisting them in crafting their manuscripts and ideas.

4. Ideas – Consulting (gratis) with non-profits and others who are seeking to transform themselves in the midst of a riptide of socio-economic change.

5. Bridges – Building bridges in the inter-faith arena.

6. Book reviews – Although I have read a ton in 2008, I remain dedicated to reviewing pre-pub manuscripts and early realease new books.

7. I will remain an outspoken voice for U.S. immigration reform, particularly from the perspective of the children and young adults caught in the midst of this morass.

8. Assisting people to realize entrepreneurial faith breakthroughs via the ability to think differently and then carry out a strategic plan accomplish just that.

Special Thanks to David Dear at Setwise Technology in Newport Beach, CA for all the technical help. Without David’s expertise, this just wouldn’t be possible.


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