Looking for Interview Candidates


Looking for people willing to be interviewed (anonymously or not — preferably NOT) who possess ALL the following characteristics:

1. Consider themselves to be “followers of Jesus.”
2. Can affirmatively state “Jesus is my God.”
3. Do NOT currently attend a church – due to their choice – rather than circumstance (incapacitating illness etc.)….and are NOT “church shopping” at present.
4. Do NOT currently work for a church or a faith based organization.
5. Do NOT currently receive any monetary compensation whatsoever from a church or faith based organization.
6. Are willing able to articulate the history of their faith journey, current relationship with Jesus,  and this translates into how they live today.
7. Are NOT currently enrolled in seminary or formal Christian education program in any capacity whatsoever.
8. Do NOT tithe to a church or faith based organization.
9. Are NOT – IN ANY WAY – involved in the “religion business.”
10. May consider themselves to have “moved beyond” traditional institutional Christianity.
11. Are able to articulate what “Live Like Jesus” means to them today.
12. People who can articulate what “Just Jesus” might mean to them at this stage in their life.

Please have parties who fit the above criteria and would like to be interviewed – contact Bill Dahl at wsdahl (at) bendbroadband (dot) com with their contact info (email) including telephone number. THANK YOU!

Please pass this to someone you know may fit the above criteria and/or post publicly to invite prospective interview participants. These interviews will be used as the basis of a book I am writing.

Thanks so much!


Bill Dahl

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