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Is Paradise at Risk? by Frank Rudolph

We here in the cloud forest live in what for many of us seems like paradise. But neither the Orizaba Valley nor the Magical City of Orizaba are really magical. We are just fortunate to live where nature and man, at least for the … Continue Reading ››

Lake Chapala – Pair o’ Dice Becomes Downright Deadly

The Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred in Chicago, Illinois on February 14, 2019. Seven men were shot to death as part of a gangland war. The perpetrators were four men disguised as police officers. Nobody has ever been convicted of this crime. Ninety years later, Mexico’s municipality … Continue Reading ››

Interview with Alasdair Baverstock – Lake Chapala

Here is my interview TODAY (PODCAST) about Lake Chapala with international news correspondent Alasdair Baverstock who is currently based in Mexico City. The title is "Expat Paradise (Lost?) with Bill Dahl and Marcie Miller" --- It's about 40 minutes: The podcast is … Continue Reading ››

Lake Chapala – Paradise or Pair O’ Dice

The following is my article published today February 4, 2019 by Mexico News Daily. Mexico News Daily is an English Language publication. It is a subscription news service. The theme of the article is the emergence of the realities in the Lake Chapala area in … Continue Reading ››

Reader Reviews – Lake Chapala – Beneath The Surface – Considerations for Retiring in Mexico

Here are some initial reader reactions to my new book:   Lake Chapala - Beneath The Surface - Considerations for Retiring in Mexico.

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Lake Chapala – Beneath The Surface – By Bill Dahl

Lake Chapala - Beneath The Surface by Bill Dahl
My New Book (paperback - January 2019) is out NOW on Amazon. It is entitled "Continue Reading ››