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The Fare of Ajijic-Chapala

The Fresh FARE of Ajijic Chapala
Surrounded by farmlands - the fruits, vegetables and fare of this area are world renowned.  This photo album attempts to capture the mouth watering diversity of the fresh fare that is available in the … Continue Reading ››

The Flowers and Flora of Ajijic-Chapala

Floreta de Ajijic
  The flowers, vegetation and landscapes of the Ajijic - Chapala are a world treasure. The following is a photo album of this gorgeous display of natural splendor. CLICK on the image below to stay here and enjoy the … Continue Reading ››

The Artistry of Ajijic-Chapala

Ajijic - Chapala
The artistry in the Ajijic-Chapala area is an experience everyone enjoys. The following is a photo album of the gorgeous works of art that populate the area. Click on the image below to stay here and … Continue Reading ››

The Pelicans of Petatan Mexico – Lake Chapala – VIDEO

The Petatan Pelicans of Lake Chapala
A journey to the other side of Lake Chapala...to encounter the amazing Pelicans of Petatan. These are white Pelicans from Canada that migrate to the waters surrounding this small isthmus village - each … Continue Reading ››