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Deschutes County Fair 2018 – Quilt Panels

2018 Deschutes County Fair. The following are images of some quilt panels exhibited at the 2018 Deschutes County Fair. You must see this exhibit to appreciate the artistry - and the artists who created these amazing works. CLICK on any image below to … Continue Reading ››

First Swim – Golden Lab Reno with Brother Reggie

Reno is 8 months and I took him for his first swim lesson (with floaties so not to scare him). He took two swims with the floaties and then decided he was designed to swim - and took off swimming on his own with his big brother Reggie (11 years). Continue Reading ››

Central Oregon Summer Sunset – by Bill Dahl

These are some particularly luscious images of a sunset in July 2018 at Haystack Reservoir in Jefferson County, Oregon. Click on THIS LINK for a SLIDESHOW  - OR - on any image below to ENLARGE and VIEW:



Summer Blooms 2018

Images of late July blooms in Redmond, OREGON USA. Click THIS LINK for a SLIDESHOW or Click on any image below to enlarge and view:


Reggie – My Boy

Doing what he loves - in the water - Deschutes River - Maupin, Oregon - with his ball...10 years 5 months young...CLICK on ANY IMAGE BELOW to VIEW - click again and go to the next image...