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Winter Photography

A rather unique winter in Central Oregon with some very cold, snowy weather that has endured for a few months. I hope you enjoy the images I captured below.


I have created two photo albums for these images:

CLICK on one of the two the LINK(s) below – then – click SLIDESHOW (FLICKR Photo Album – upper right corner) or click on the first image you see (Google Photo Album) then click the arrows to move to the next image. These images are VERY high quality and are NOT intended to be viewed on a mobile phone – use a computer monitor, your HDTV, Mac, iPad, notebook, or a laptop.

  1. Winter 2017  – FLICKR PHOTO ALBUM 
  2. Winter 2017  – Google PHOTO ALBUM

Bill Dahl is a commercial photographer residing in central Oregon. His photographs have over 2 Million Views on FLICKR and over 3 Million +1’s on Google. Photography Awards are too numerous to mention here – but see the Photography Awards tab at the top of the main page of this site to see a number of them.



NEW 2014 Photography Awards – Bill Dahl

I submitted 17 photos in the ADVANCED Photography Group of the 2014 Deschutes County Fair Photography Competition.  9 out of my 17 images won awards. The following are the images that won awards and the specific category each image was entered in. Click to ENLARGE any photo below (ALL images are copyrighted and ALL Rights Reserved – Do NOT download):


1. Landscape Photography: 2014 Deschutes County Fair Superintendents Award.

Landscape Photography


2. Dogs & Cats – Domestic2014 FIRST PLACE:

Dogs and Cats - Domestic - - FIRST PLACE
Dogs and Cats – Domestic – – FIRST PLACE


3. Fall & Spring2014 FIRST PLACE

Fall & Spring - FIRST PLACE
Fall & Spring – FIRST PLACE


4. Clouds & Sky2014 SECOND Place


Clouds N Sky - SECOND Place
Clouds N Sky – SECOND Place


5.  Character Study/Portrait2014 SECOND Place

Character Study - Portrait SECOND Place
Character Study – Portrait SECOND Place


6.  Seascape2014 Third Place

Seascape - Third Place
Seascape – Third Place


7.  Bridges2014 Third Place


Bridges - Third Place
Bridges – Third Place


8.  Sunrise/Sunset – 2014 Third Place

Sunrise-Sunset - Third Place
Sunrise-Sunset – Third Place


9. Dogs and Cats – Domestic – Black & White2014 Third Place

Dogs & Cats Domestic - Black & White - THIRD Place
Dogs & Cats Domestic – Black & White – THIRD Place



Yes – I am well aware that my Black Lab Reggie aka Reginald Stephen Dahl was a subject in four of the nine award winners. Thanks Reggie!!!