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Looking for LORA – Lessons From The Great Recession by Bill Dahl

The Dahl Street Journal
In his book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, Nobel Prize winner in economics, Dan Kahneman from Princeton says the “concept of loss aversion (hereinafter ‘LA’) is certainly the most significant contribution of … Continue Reading ››

Redmond Panthers Wrestling 2019

Redmond Panthers - Wrestling
Here is a photo Album of Redmond High School wrestling - 2019. These photos are from the competitions with Crook County, Hood River, and Pendleton ( Pendleton is from the tournament … Continue Reading ››

Corruption in Mexico 2019 – An Interview with Dr. Jose Ivan Rodriguez-Sanchez by Bill Dahl

Corruption in Mexico (C) 2019 by Bill Dahl - Image above is Copyrighted.
My recent interview with Dr. Jose Ivan Rodriguez-Sanchez of Rice University's James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy - Mexico … Continue Reading ››

Bill Dahl – Mexico News Daily – Contributing Columnist

Mexico News Daily - Bill Dahl
I am PLEASED to announce my engagement as a Contributing Columnist (Yes - I Get Paid...) with Mexico News Daily: My first article is an Opinion piece published TODAY on … Continue Reading ››