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Lake Chapala’s Pollution – 2019

Lake Chapala Pollution
I have received a number of questions about the nature and degree of the pollution in Lake Chapala, originating from the recent series of articles I authored on this subject. I am a journalist, not a scientist. However, … Continue Reading ››

Lake Chapala – Verdict of The Court of the Latin American Water Tribunal – October 2018

Lake Chapala
The following is the English text of the Court of the Latin American Water Tribunal: This transcript  on the outcomes of Latin American Water Council Court Hearings in October 2018 were provided to the me by Gabriel Vazquez-Sanchez - … Continue Reading ››

Mexiconsiderations – Lake Chapala and The Fifth Risk

Mexico - The Fifth Risk
  During my visit to the Guadalajara and Lake Chapala areas in October/November 2018 I brought along a new book; The Fifth Risk by one of my favorite writers, New York Times bestselling author Michael … Continue Reading ››