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Meet The Candidate Event – Jon Bullock

Bullock Redmond City Council


Join us at our home on Thursday October 4th from 7-9 pm to meet Jon Bullock – Redmond, Oregon City Councilor…at our home…Come with your questions, concerns, priorities…come to listen…come to meet other Redmond residents…come and meet the candidate!!!

Jon Bullock


Come as you are…


Jon Bullock for Redmond City Council

My wife and I have known Jon and his family for over a decade. He is a stand up guy. He’s running for Redmond City Council in the upcoming November 2018 election. We are avid supporters of Jon.

Please see this YouTube video of Jon’s Ted Talk in Bend, OR…


Please vote for Jon Bullock for Redmond City Council in November 2018 – and recommend Jon to other Redmond residents. Please tell your friends, neighbors, family members and colleagues to vote for Jon.

Thank you.