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First Swim – Golden Lab Reno with Brother Reggie

Reno is 8 months and I took him for his first swim lesson (with floaties so not to scare him). He took two swims with the floaties and then decided he was designed to swim - and took off swimming on his own with his big brother Reggie (11 years). Continue Reading ››

My Boy – Reggie

Dad and son weekend - Lower Klamath ​National Wildlife Refuge  and Tulelake National Wildlife Refuge (CA)...10 years five months young and when he gets in the field with water - all the genes take over...He is AMAZING! CLICK to VIEW any image BELOW:


Our Newest Family Member – “RENO”

Our new puppy arrived 12/26/2017. He was born 11/6/2017 - our 30th wedding anniversary. So - we were married in Reno, Nevada - thus, we named him RENO. During his first week he already potties outside and knows his name...so smart - and a wonderful happy heart!


Here are some photos: Continue Reading ››