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Lazy My Ranch – Percherons – Draft Horses – Redmond Oregon

Lazy M Ranch Percherons



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Special thanks to the McIntosh family for the privilege to capture these images!!!



Lazy M Ranch – Threshing Bee

Mike and Joanna McIntosh of Terrebonne Oregon own and operate the Lazy M Ranch. They are known for their  stable of gorgeous Belgian Draft horses (as well as their amazing family!!!).


In early autumn they harvest their oats with their horses, friends and thresh with a belt driven Case thresher. It’s harvest the old fashioned way.


I have created two photo albums from this event:

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  1. Lazy M Ranch – Threshing Bee – 9/10/16 – FLICKR PHOTO ALBUM
  2. Lazy M Ranch – Threshing Bee – 9/10/16 – Google PHOTO ALBUM

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