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Reading With Children

Jacki and I have the privilege to care for two 11 year old foster boys. The stories of their lives up until this point are simply too traumatic to share (and confidential). One of the boys, could NOT tie his own shoes when he arrived in our home. I taught him. Although in 5th grade, BOTH boys are WAY behind in school academically. One refuses to read at school because he is so far behind. Frankly, he’s ashamed.

Boys Reading

One of the boys required glasses due to vision issues. Of course, we obtained them and he hates them…refusing to wear them – even though he chose them. Thus, we made an agreement – I would read to him at night ONLY if he wore his glasses. Well, miracles happen — every night we now read together – with our glasses on. We pick out our next books to read together on Amazon. His reading tests at school are now “very solid” in terms of progress. He likes to correct me if I skip or mispronounce a word.

The photo on this post is “the boys” enjoying our evening reading time together. It’s the highlight of my day – everyday.

Boys Reading

Invite a child to read with you. It will change your life – and theirs. Oh, the power of story…We finished “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikaelsen last night. A marvelous book. Next: Ghost of Spirit Bear…


Reading with children is not a parental responsibility – it is a parental privilege

Summer 2012 Reading Suggestions – by Bill Dahl

This link takes you to my reading suggestions for your summer in 2012. I have attempted to provide a variety of interesting books (my opinion). I hope you select one that you will thoroughly enjoy this summer.


Reading For Summer 2012