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Corruption in Mexico 2019 – An Interview with Dr. Jose Ivan Rodriguez-Sanchez by Bill Dahl

Corruption in Mexico (C) 2019 by Bill Dahl - Image above is Copyrighted.
My recent interview with Dr. Jose Ivan Rodriguez-Sanchez of Rice University's James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy - Mexico … Continue Reading ››

Corruption in Mexico – An Environmental and Public Health Perspective

Corruption in Mexico
My most recent study of Corruption in Mexico - An Environmental and Public Health Perspective - is out for peer review. It is also being considered for publication by several sources. I … Continue Reading ››

School Safety and Gun Control NOW

My opinion column to the Bend Bulletin and Redmond Spokesman was selected for publication on 2-20-2018: Click HERE or HERE to read. I have posted it BELOW as well: It’s time… It’s time - to recall the past when pencil, paper, and eraser were all a student required to be adequately equipped … Continue Reading ››

Get Rid of This Dude

Get Rid of This Dude - A Poem by Bill Dahl
Trump Caricature - from Indivisible Redmond Oregon Facebook Site
  "Locked and Loaded" ​the ​North Korean ​mess​. ​Spewing hubris will tame unrest​?​ Healthcare for all! A cruel joke. Special interests triumph mirrors and smoke. Global warming threatening all. Trump proclaims: "Build the … Continue Reading ››

Racism in High School – A Film – Students Speaking The Unspoken

Racism in the American High School – A film – Students Speaking The Unspoken